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Moorabbin Kyokushin Karate and You

Karate, Self Defence & Fitness providing Better Health for All Ages.

Classes are tailered to suit the students and their abilities.

Kyokushin Karate will help you to

√ Lose Weight & Gain Muscle.

√ Improve Your Flexibility.

√ Increase Your Physical Fitness, Strength & Conditioning.

√ Increase Your Stamina.

√ Improve Your Reflexes.

√ Improve Your Self-Discipline.

√ Increase Your Self-Confidence.

√ Improve Your Self-Belief.

√ Increase Your Ability to Concentrate & Think Clearly.

√ Reduce Stress & Anxiety.

√ Improve Your Determination.

√ Relax With Meditation and Philosophy.

Everything you need to easily take care of the challenges of life.

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