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Moorabbin Kyokushin Karate, Kids Karate, Self Defence & Fitness

Specializing in karate, self defense and fitness for Kids.


These days many kids are experiencing 'Bullying' at their school resulting in kids becomming withdrawn and loosing their self esteem and confidence.


At Moorabbin Kyokushin our 'Karate Kids' classes specialize in teaching kids karate, self defense, fitness and self control. With proper instruction from caring instructers even the kids that are shy and introverted can become confident within themselves and also about life.


Karate Kids at Moorabbin Kyokushin caters for kids, both boys and girls, aged from 5 years up to teenagers.


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When kids learn karate it's amazing to see them improve in so many areas such as


√ Increased Self Confidence & Self Belief

√ Improved Self Esteem

√ Better Balance and Co Ordination

√ Improved Strength, Stamina and Physical Ability

√ Increased Respect for Others and Themselves.


Our Karate Kids become happier within themselves and their whole life improves in so many areas outside of the Dojo including at school, and with their friends and family.

Here are some of our latest Champions

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