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Moorabbin Kyokushin Karate, Dojo Etiquette

These are the standards of behaviour and courtesy that apply to all students within the dojo.

Students should say "OSU" upon entering and leaving the dojo training area. Proper respect will always be shown to all senior belts and elders. Prior to addressing a senior belt, students should always say "OSU".

No shoes are to be worn on the training area of the dojo. Students should stretch and warm up with a minimum of noise before classes.

Black belts will always be addressed in the following manner:

SHIHAN 5th Dan and above,

SENSEI 3rd and 4th Dan,

SEMPAI 1st and 2nd Dan.

Your training should always be considered as a serious matter. Do not laugh, giggle, talk or disrupt the class.

You should always stand in FUDO DACHI when awaiting the next command.

All instructions by your instructor should always be obeyed in the Dojo without question.

You will not be asked to do anything that your instructor hasn't done already. If you cannot keep up, do the best you can.

If you arrive late for training, do not walk straight onto the training area and join the class, you should kneel down in the 'Seiza' position facing away from the class and wait until your instructor acknowledges you, stand up, turn to the front, say OSU, and join the training at the back of the class.

No student will leave the class without permission from the instructor.

Do not break rank for any reason without first asking for permission from your instructor.

If you must leave your position, do not walk between your instructor and the class. Walk behind the row you are in to the side of the dojo and proceed from there.

Do not eat, drink or smoke in the Dojo.

Always move quickly in class when instructed to do something. Do not stroll.

Do not practice kumite unless instructed do do so.

During any break do not sit on chairs, lean against walls or lay down.

Only a clean white Karate should be worn and any rips or tears should be repaired.

Your belt should never be washed, only aired dry. It contains the spirit of all your hard training.

Under No circumstances are male karatekas to wear T shirts under their Karate-Gi during training.

Fingernails and toenails should be kept trimmed short; students must be clean.

It is everyone's responsibility to ensure the dojo is kept clean, tidy and safe at all times.

Students will refrain from gossip and disparaging remarks about other schools or styles of Martial Arts.

All students shall conduct themselves, both inside and outside of the dojo, in such a way as to reflect favourably the Kyokushin Karate Organization.

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