Moorabbin Kyokushin Karate, 2019 Calendar

Please Note:

Some dates may change or vary, Please See Calendar or Notice Board at the Dojo for confirmation of all dates

Jan 2nd Feb Term 1 Begins (All Childrens Fees Due)


Term 1

Jan 28th Term 1 begins (All Childrens Fees Due)


Grading TBA

March 28th Term 1 Ends

Easter Friday March 30th 0- Tues April 3rd (No Classes)

Term 2

14 April Term 2 begins (All Childrens Fees Due)


April 7th Sunday - Victorian Open Kyokushin Knockdown Championships - Ballarat

April 23rd Term 2 Begins. (All Childrens Fees Due)

April 23rd (Thurs): Sosai memorial Training Session. 


24th May Moorabbin Tournament (Incl Junior & Senior Kata divisions) 


June 15th Mon Tamashawari Night. 

June 21st (Sun): Moorabbin Grading (up to 3rd Kyu)

June 28th Moorabbin Senior Grading

June 27th: Term 2 Ends

Term 3

July 14: Term 3 Begins. (All Childrens Fees Due)

19th July Blackwood Training with Shihan Lance



13th Moorabbin Grading

Sept 19th Term 3 Ends


Term 4

Oct 6th: Term 4 Begins. (All Childrens Fees Due)

Oct 25th Moorabbin BlackBelt Grading


Sun 17th Moorabbin Black Belt Grading (All grades)

Training Camp Weeekend of Nov 21st - 23rd

Camp Manyung Mornington, 2nd part of Grading, for all students


Dec 13th: Grading at Moorabbin

Dec 19th, Term 4 Ends. 

Sun 20th Moorabbin Junior Tournament and end of year party – Moorabbin Dojo