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Moorabbin Kyokushin Karate, 2021 Calendar

Please Note:

Some dates may change or vary, Please See Calendar or Notice Board at the Dojo for confirmation of all dates

Jan 2nd Feb Term 1 Begins (All Childrens Fees Due)


Term 1

Jan 28th Term 1 begins (All Childrens Fees Due)


Sunday March 28th

MKK Victorian State Championships

Grading TBA


April 1 Term 1 Ends

Easter - Friday 2nd April - Tues April 6th (No Classes)

Term 2

19 April Term 2 begins (All Childrens Fees Due)

April 22nd (Thurs): Sosai Memorial Training Session. 

May 14th Kids Grading in conjunction with the class. 


June 14th Mon Tamashawari Night. 

June 25th: Term 2 Ends

June 27th: Senior Grading Moorabbin.

Term 3

July 12: Term 3 Begins. (All Childrens Fees Due)

18th July Blackwood Training with Shihan Lance ???



Sept 17th Term 3 Ends


Term 4

Oct 4th: Term 4 Begins. (All Childrens Fees Due)

Oct 25th Moorabbin BlackBelt Grading


Sun 17th Moorabbin Black Belt Grading (All grades)

Training Camp Dates TBA

Camp Manyung Mornington, 2nd part of Grading, for all students


Dec 12th: Grading at Moorabbin

Dec 19th, Term 4 Ends. 

Sun 20th Moorabbin Junior Tournament and end of year party – Moorabbin Dojo

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